Next Steps

Whether you are taking your first step of faith, or your hundredth, this class is for you!

*Next Steps Section 2 begins September 5th during the 9am service in room 201!

Who is it for?

This course was created with just about everybody in mind. Whether you are someone who simply wants to learn more about the Christian faith, or you are new Christian, or you have been a Christian for years, this course has been created for you! Some topics may be nice refreshers, while others will serve as great, new building blocks in your Christian journey. We encourage everyone to take this course!

What is taught?

This course provides 18 different topics spread across three sections of six-week sessions. Anything from learning what it means to be a Saved Christian, to discussing Christian Theology, to talking about how to Study the Bible will be discussed. Though the individual classes themselves do not necessarily build upon themselves, the first six-week session does provide more of the fundamentals to the Christian faith. However, each six-week session contains different aspects of the Christian walk that we find it inherently important for every Christian to understand and learn!

The first six-week session includes topics such as Salvation, the Bible, and the Holy Spirit. The second six-week session includes topics such as Christian Theology, How to Read the Bible, and different Christian doctrine. The third six-week session includes topics such as Church History, the meaning of Worship, a time of general questions. This list is by no means exhaustive, but we hope it excites you to jump in to the course!

18 weeks? Do I have to attend all of them?

You certainly do not have to attend all of the classes! We have separated the course into three six-week sessions to help make attending the classes more manageable, without you needing to make such a large commitment throughout the year. Even if you miss a week or two during one of the sessions, each of our teachers are provided with all of the content, and can make sure you receive the information that had been gone over in previous weeks!

When is the course offered?

The goal is to teach this course to completion twice yearly. The exact start dates are dependent on the yearly schedule of the church; however, the course will begin sometime in January and then sometime late summer each year.

Please feel free to reach out to our Discipleship Pastor, Justin Braun, at for more information regarding the next start date of the course!