Church Leadership Board

The NapNaz Leadership Board is the local governing body elected by NapNaz Members to oversee the finances and provide counsel to our Lead Pastor. These members oversee the overall vision and major financial commitments of the church.

Jeremy Babcock

Jeremy's Areas of Service

  • LifeGroup Leader
  • N2 Student Teacher
  • Worship Team

Jason Born

Jason's Areas of Service

  • Legacy Team Leader
  • LifeGroup Leader
  • Upward Coach

Jeff Boulton

Jeff's Areas of Service

  • Men's Ministry
  • LifeGroups

Eric Braun

Eric's Areas of Service

  • Sunday School Teacher
  • LifeGroup Leader

Jordan Braun

Jordan's Areas of Service

  • N2 Student Leader
  • LifeGroup Leader
  • Photography
  • Creative Team

Beth Downing

Beth's Areas of Service

  • Local Nazarene Missions International (NMI) President
  • Kids for Missions
  • Sings on the Worship Team

Cameron Caryer

Cameron's Areas of Service

  • Local Nazarene Discipleship Ministries Chair
  • Church Board Secretary
  • LifeGroup Leader
  • Plays drums on the Worship Team

Kaitlin Helberg

Kaitlin's Areas of Service

  • Teacher in N2 Student Ministry
  • Growth Track Teacher
  • Creative Team

Layne Schroeder

Layne's Areas of Service

  • N2 Student Leader
  • Teacher
  • NapNaz Kids

Cyndy Tilley

Cyndy's Areas of Service

  • IF Table Leader
  • Prayer Room
  • Sings on the Worship Team